We love the consistancy Bible Bucks 2.0 brings.

We love this new system because it is a whole lot easier on the kids, parents, volunteers, and staff. Points are easy to track and we now have a better handle of the program overall. It gives us the ability to keeps things consistent among the all the different Elementary classes during the weekend. Not to mention, kids love it and don’t loose their points to the dreaded washing machine or couch crease!

-Pete Ammerman (Cornerstone Fellowship, ca)

Our Kids Love it!

We have used every thing there is out there for Bible Bucks nothing has worked as well as Bible Bucks 2.0! Our volunteers love it and our kids love it.

- Sam Luce (Children's Pastor)

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It is so easy to use!

I love it and it really is easy to use I taught someone Saturday night how to do it in a matter of seconds. If you don't have this seriously consider getting it.

-Rob Martin (Volunteer)


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