Where Do I Get Started?

Step 1

Where do I start?
It could not be easier. You can sign up right now for a free trial. You can test-drive Bible Bucks 2.0 with no strings attached.

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You want to add your whole kids church and start using Bible Bucks? Great! Set up your church for auto payment.

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Now that you have decided to use Bible Bucks and you have signed up for auto-payment. How do you set up your account and get the most out of it?

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Why Bible Bucks 2.0 Is Better


Bible Bucks 2.0 has been around for 20 years and it has stood the test of time. Bible Bucks is a one of a kind tool created by a local church kids ministry for your local church’s kids ministry.


It’s easy. Don’t worry.
  •  If the card is lost – the points are not lost
  • If the card is stolen – another kid can’t use the card only the owner can.
  •  It is one card so you don’t have a pile of money to keep track of
  • I control how the points are given. Teachers can’t use it as a crutch for a lack of discipline or preparation.
  • It works with a card and barcode scanner but also without a card by searching by last name.


It’s affordable. Don’t worry.
  • Free Trial. No credit card required.
  • 20 Dollars unlimited locations, kids, and services
  • Manage 10 Kids or less for free.
  • Nothing to download or install on your computer.
  • No additional equipment needed.
  • Our FREE account is free for life. Seriously.
  • Works with or without plastic cards.

Praise For Bible Bucks

I love it and it really is easy to use I taught someone Saturday night how to do it in a matter of seconds. If you don't have this seriously consider getting it.
Rob Martin
The first 10 kids are free. Take Bible Bucks for a test free test drive.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my Free Test Drive Last?

Funny you should ask. It’s Unlimited. Yep, it’s unlimited, meaning forever, as long as you have only 10 or fewer customers in the system. After 6 months with no activity, it will be deleted.

Do you need expensive equipment?

No, you need any computer Mac, PC , or Tablet that can go on the web, I am using old computers that our church staff has upgraded from.

What is Bible Bucks 2.0?

It is a web-based customer loyalty program that is entirely customizable by you